One of the most common questions I get from my nutrition clients is about supplementation in addition to nutrition.  It always comes up as a question because I rarely volunteer the idea on my own.  I believe that a proper approach to nutrition prioritizes overall caloric intake, then macronutrient balance, then micronurrient and vitamin balance, followed by nutrient timing, and FINALLY supplements (see chart below).  As I often explain at my seminars – “it is like watching your house burn down and worrying about what cable channels you have access to”.  If we don’t prioritze the basics of nutrition, no supplement in the world will help us. Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.43.02 PM.png After explaining that, I then explain that I do take a line of supplements, and I do believe in them (otherwise I would not be taking nor promoting them).  I use an array of products that TEN Performance has developed.  This company is pretty unique and their products are developed by doctors through a top notch process that is different from many other companies.  My daily bundle includes: Hydrocell Enhancer (HCE), Bound B Vitamin Complex (BBC), Velvet Deer Antler Extract (AGF), Regenabolic PM Nightime (RPM), and Pro Metabolic Enhancer (PME).  All of these supplements come in liquid form and are either taken sublingual, or can be added in your water.  I also use their grass fed whey protein (from cows not treated with hormones) if I am short of my protein goal for the day, as well as their BCAA which are unflavored and as pure as you can get. Capurso_Blog_Final.jpg My intentions with this “A Closer Look at Supplements” series is to highlight each of these products a bit in order to help my clients and blog followers understand a bit more about my personal supplement regiment.  Hopefully, these efforts will allow you to decide which products could benefit you personally – as everyone’s needs and wants are slightly different.

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Why Should PME Be Part Of Your Daily Regiment?


by Nicole Capurso

insta: ncapurso22

TEN Performance has created an amazing product in their Pro Metabolic Enhancer (PME).  As a nutrition coach and consultant, many of the issues I see with my clients come from a metabolism that is damaged or off track.  That damage is often not severe and simply needs a kick start with a bit of resetting to get right back on track.  A properly balanced and timed diet, along with TEN’s PME supplement can help remedy this metabolic issue in a fairly short period of time.
PME is a formula of concentrated lipotropics.  Lioptropics are best known for their work as liver decongestants where they promote the breakdown of stored fats in the liver.  In the modern American way of life, stored fats in the liver are a common issue that can lead to sluggishness and weight gain.  By breaking them down, we are making the stored fat cells more mobile and able to be used as energy by your body.  Aside from the very important lipotropics, PME is filled with a very high potency B vitamin complex (B6 and B12) which is known to naturally boost metabolism and energy levels.  I find that this helps my clients to push through workouts on days where they would have been exhausted and decided to skip a training day.
The very crucial combination of these lipotropics, B vitamins, and Guarana extract (natural energy source that allows the body to recognize being “full” sooner) provides a thermogenic effect to your body, increasing BMR (basal metabolic rate) and your body’s capability to burn fat.  It also will enhance energy levels and endurance by allowing your body to produce higher amounts of oxygen in your blood.  All of this, in turn, will help burn fat and improve lean muscle retention.
I use this product daily, and love to recommend it to my clients because the benefits are too great to keep it a secret!  Almost everyone I come in contact with can benefit from the effects of PME – especially my female clients.  Along with a daily well balanced diet, proper timing of meals, and a consistent training program, using PME will be an amazing addition to your life in order to help you reach your goals!

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The Importance Of Hydration

riki hydrocell  

by Riki Long

insta: @lil_riki_

The human body is about 60% water. The human brain is about 95% water. So not only does water effect our muscles and diet, but its crucial to brain function. Everyday we are constantly losing water. As athletes, we lose even more. It’s imperative that we are continuously drinking water throughout the day. Did you know that over 75% of us are dehydrated though? We all learned in school that we need to drink 8 glasses of water per day in order to stay hydrated. So they’re telling me that a 112 pound female needs the same amount of water as a 250 pound male? So wrong; there’s actually no scientific evidence to support this statement. (1) You really need 1/2-1 ounce of water per one pound bodyweight. I personally advise my clients to aim for .667oz per one pound bodyweight.  
   As I said above, over 75% of the American population is dehydrated (2).  We all KNOW we need to drink water, but we don’t-or not enough.  For over two years now I have been adding a few drops of HCE Hydro Cell Enhancer to one shaker bottle of water per day. Just one (then I have about 5 more shakers of water for the day). HCE aids in the utilization of the water you drink. Just like its name, it enhances the absorption and effectiveness of all your supplements and daily nutrients.
   I still urge everyone to drink the correct amount of water per bodyweight each day. If you’re still having trouble reaching that number however, let HCE enhance the little water that you do take. It will naturally rehydrate and recharge your body.

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