1. Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes, You can cancel anytime. We are so confident you’re going to love the Membership that we will allow you to cancel anytime.

  2. Is my Membership monthly fee going to be a recurring charge?

    Yes, It will automatically come out of your account every month.

  3. What happens if I use all my Membership points? Does the price of the products go back to retail?

    Once you use up your Membership points you will still get a Membership discount.

  4. Are all the supplements you carry included in the Membership Program?

    Yes, all the products we carry will be available to you as a member.

  5. What makes sublingual (liquid) better?

    Oral routes of delivery offer major advantages over traditional encapsulated formulas. This process avoids the degrading action of the gastrointestinal tract’s poor absorption in the intestines, and of the metabolism in the liver, which may decrease the bioactivity of traditional ingested tablets by 90%.